Application for Employment
Operator's (Bartender) Application Disclosure Warning
Absentee Ballot Application
Alcohol - Application for Original License
Alcohol - Application for Picnic License
Alcohol - Application for Renewal License
Arcade License Application
Boat Launch App - Nonresident
Boat Launch App - Resident
CDBG - Owner Occupied Application
CDBG Lead Hazards Advisory
City Complaint Form
Complaint Form - Citizen Complaint
Dog/Cat License Application
Music Permit
Notification of Picketing
Operator (Bartender) License Application
Operator's (Bartender) Policy Statement
Street Closing - Barrucade Rental Information
Street Closing Application
Street Closing Policy
Theatre License
Voter Registration Application
General Information
Recreational Waste Discharge Form
Inspection, Planning & Zoning
Map Amendement - Rezone and Annexation
Site Plan and Certified Survey Application
Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Application
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Chicken Permit Applications
Commercial & Industrial Building Permit - New,  Additions, Remodels
Commercial & Industrial Building Permit – Roofing, Siding, Exterior
Deck Permit
Demolition/Raze Permit
Electrical Permit
Fence Permit
Garage/Accessory Bldg. Permit
Mechanical/HVAC Permit
Mobile Home Permit Packet
Moving Permit
Occupancy Permit Application
Plumbing Permit
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Residential Building Permit - Additions & Remodels
Residential Building Permit - NEW
Residential Building Permit – Roofing, Siding, Exterior
Rhinelander Fee Schedule
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Sign Permit
Street Closing Permit
Township Electrical Only
Town of Crescent
Town of Newbold
Town of Pelican
Town of Piehl
Town of Pine Lake
Town of Stella
Town of Three Lakes
Town of Woodboro
Planning a Special Event
Banner Application
Banner Policy
Fireworks Permit
Special Event Packet
Special Event PERMIT Application
More Information - General Information
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More Information - Information
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